This course runs over 2 days and is for those who have to

  • put a presentation together
  • deliver it while managing nerves
  • challenge participants
  • facilitate questions
Laura Fitzsimons presentation skills

   Module 1: Preparing your Presentation

  • Profiling your audience
  • Scoping out your presentation objective
  • Identifying and defining your 3 key points
  • Structuring your presentation

   Module 2: Connecting with your Audience

  • Relating to audience personality types and behaviours:
    • Understanding how to ‘pitch’ your message based on your audience’s communication and personality preferences
  • Using visual aids effectively to grab the attention of your audience

   Module 3: Managing Nerves

  • Harnessing nervous energy to present with passion and flair:
    • Developing confidence and controlling your nerves
    • Using visualising and positive programming techniques for a successful outcome

   Module 4: Presentation Delivery

  • Fine-tuning speaking techniques:
    • Using the aspects of your voice to instill confidence and to influence your audience
    • Overcoming vocal challenges and obstacles
  • Body movement:
    • Demonstrating and communicating confidence through your body language
    • Reducing and eradicating ineffective body language
  • Developing an individual style of presenting:
    • Developing presence and creating impact
    • How to ‘open’ your presentation and generate interest in your message
    • How to ‘close’ your presentation and ensure ‘action’ from your audience

   Module 5: Facilitating a Presentation

  • Managing time so you don’t under-run or over-run
  • Facilitating questions
  • Managing interruptions
  • Managing challenging behaviours of an audience

   Action & Development Plan

  • Road Map & Action Plan