This course runs over 2 days and is for those who have to

  • put a presentation together
  • deliver it while managing nerves
  • challenge participants
  • facilitate questions
Laura Fitzsimons presentation skills

   Module 1: Preparing your Presentation

  • Profiling your audience
  • Scoping out your presentation objective
  • Identifying and defining your 3 key points
  • Structuring your presentation

   Module 2: Connecting with your Audience

  • Relating to audience personality types and behaviours:
    • Understanding how to ‘pitch’ your message based on your audience’s communication and personality preferences
  • Using visual aids effectively to grab the attention of your audience

   Module 3: Managing Nerves

  • Harnessing nervous energy to present with passion and flair:
    • Developing confidence and controlling your nerves
    • Using visualising and positive programming techniques for a successful outcome

   Module 4: Presentation Delivery

  • Fine-tuning speaking techniques:
    • Using the aspects of your voice to instill confidence and to influence your audience
    • Overcoming vocal challenges and obstacles
  • Body movement:
    • Demonstrating and communicating confidence through your body language
    • Reducing and eradicating ineffective body language
  • Developing an individual style of presenting:
    • Developing presence and creating impact
    • How to ‘open’ your presentation and generate interest in your message
    • How to ‘close’ your presentation and ensure ‘action’ from your audience

   Module 5: Facilitating a Presentation

  • Managing time so you don’t under-run or over-run
  • Facilitating questions
  • Managing interruptions
  • Managing challenging behaviours of an audience

   Action & Development Plan

  • Road Map & Action Plan

   Increased confidence in delivery and preparation

   Plenty of practise approximately 4 – 5 times presenting over the 2 days

   Know how to manage your nerves

   You get the recorded video clips of your presentation to take away for on-going learning and application

   Know how to appeal to the personalities of all audience types

   I get nervous when presenting. How will this be addressed during the training programme?
During the programme, you will learn how to prevent your nerves as well as how to manage or harness them when they occur. You will also be given 1 to 1 direction, support and encourage when you are presenting which will help you manage your nerves more effectively.

   Will I get to see myself presenting?
Yes, all of your clips of you presenting will be shown back to you for your own feedback as well as direction and support provided by the trainer.

   I have to present to different personalities, will I learn how to do this on this programme?
Yes, you will learn how to evaluate different personality styles on the programme as well as how to present, communicate and influence them more effectively.

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