Everyone needs to communicate properly but not everyone can communicate effectively.

On this course you will learn how to communicate to people with different communication styles to yours.

This is a 1 day course.

   Module 1: Communication Process

  • Understanding the communication process
  • Recognising the barriers to communication

   Module 2: Communication Planning

  • Scoping out your objective to ensure clarity in your message
  • Structuring your message for maximum impact

   Module 3: Creating & Maintaining Rapport

  • Creating and maintaining rapport through your non-verbal communication
  • Understanding your audience’s communication style and adjusting your style to communicate successfully
  • Understanding the role Transactional Analysis plays in successful communication

   Module 4: Core Skills of Communicating

  • Questioning to gain clarity
  • Listening effectively

   Action & Development Plan

  • Road Map & Action Plan

   Develop your listening and questioning skills

   Communicate effectively and with impact using effective non-verbal communication

   Understand your communication style and adjust it to communicate effectively with others

   Understand the role Transactional Analysis plays in positive and effective communication

   I’ve difficulty in getting my message across when communicating. How will this course help me?
On this course, you will learn how to scope out your objective to ensure you are focussed on what you want to achieve from your communication as well as how to achieve it.

   I sometimes miss-communicate my message with my non-verbal communication. Will I learn how to use my non-verbal communication to ensure it’s in sync with my message?
Yes, you will learn how to use assertive body-language as well as an assertive voice to ensure they complement your message.

   I have to communicate to different personalities. Will I learn how to do this on this programme?
Yes, you will learn how to evaluate different personality styles on the programme as well as how to adjust your communication style to appeal to all personality styles.

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