Being resilient means having the ability to bounce back when the going gets tough.

Every day we are presented with challenging situations so knowing how to bounce back and keep on track emotionally, physically and mentally is hugely beneficial to ourselves and to our organisations.

This is a 1 day course.

   Module 1: Understanding Resilience

  • Understanding resilience and the benefits being resilient brings
  • Recognising and defining the characteristics of a resilient person
  • Understanding how perception affects your thinking and subsequent actions or inactions

   Module 2: Taking Control

  • Understanding the 2 ways at looking at life
  • Identifying your explanatory styles and how to challenge them
    • Applying real time resilience
    • Avoiding and managing ‘Thinking Traps’

   Module 3: Increasing your Resilience

  • Knowing how to regulate your emotions to prevent them from affecting your behaviour in a negative way
  • Applying ‘realistic optimism’ to help you put your challenges into perspective
  • Identifying and creating a support network
  • Creating a personalised toolkit to develop personal resilience

   Action & Development Plan

  • Road Map & Action Plan