On this course you will learn how to communicate assertively, how to increase your confidence as well as how to deal with aggressive behaviour.

This course is only currently available as an in-company training programmes or group bookings.

This course runs over 2 days.

Preventing nerves while presenting

   Module 1: Understanding Assertiveness

  • Understand Assertiveness and why it’s important
  • Rights – an examination of your rights and why you are entitled to them

   Module 2: Overcoming Barriers to Assertiveness

  • Understanding the role assumptions play in preventing you taking action
  • Recognising and averting your unhelpful ‘inner dialogue’ and self-limiting beliefs
  • Focussing on powerful, positive outcomes
  • Managing self-doubt

   Module 3: Creating & Maintaining Confidence when Communicating

  • Creating and maintaining confidence through your non-verbal communication
  • Understanding your audience’s communication style and adjusting your style to communicate more confidently
  • Questioning to gain clarity
  • Listening effectively to gain understanding
  • Using assertive language to get your message across
  • How to say ‘no’ and really mean it

   Module 4: Building your Confidence

  • Exploring and developing the 2 pillars of self-confidence
  • Defining yourself at your best and when you are not at your best – feedback from the group

   Module 5: Increasing your Resilience

  • Knowing how to regulate your emotions to prevent them from affecting your behaviour in a negative way
  • Avoiding and managing ‘Thinking Traps’
  • Applying ‘realistic optimism’ to help you put your challenges into perspective

   Module 6: Creating your New Personal Brand

  • Using assertive and confident verbal & non-verbal communication – video recording of you practising the techniques
  • Applying assertive techniques to build confidence
  • Identifying & practising techniques to become more resilient and confident
  • Feedback on your personal brand

   Action & Development Plan

  • Road Map & Action Plan

   Project a more positive and confident self-image

   Become more resilient

   Build and increase self-confidence

   Use confident, assertive verbal and non-verbal language

   Challenge and manage your negative inner-dialogue

   I would like to become more assertive. How will this course help me?
On this course, we look at the typical challenges that prevent people from being assertive. You will not only learn techniques to become more assertive but you will practise them too with the support and guidance of the trainer.

   How will the training be conducted?
The training will be conducted through Action Centered Learning so there will be lots of discussion, debating, inter-action, reflection, writing down information, role-playing (in a safe forum) as well as some lecture based training.

   Will I be able to put into practise what I learn on this course?
Yes, throughout the 2 days you will learn practical techniques, phrases and assertive and confident body language as well as voice that you can put in place immediately.

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