Strong assertiveness skills are essential both in the workplace and external to the workplace. Being able and capable to assert yourself makes you more effective, confident and capable of dealing with people in every situation that presents itself to you.

On this online course you will learn how to communicate assertively, how to increase your confidence as well as how to deal with aggressive behaviour.

   Module 1: Understanding the Different Behaviours

  • Understanding and recognising the three, typical behaviours – assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour
  • Understanding how each behaviour is conveyed
  • Defining situations where you have used each behaviour and defining the subsequent outcomes of those behaviours

   Module 2: Understanding what Drives Assertiveness

  • Understanding how asserting your Rights can make you more confident and assertive
  • Getting clarity on your personal Rights
  • Understanding the positive outcome of exercising your Rights

   Module 3: How the 3 Behaviours Come Across in Non-verbal Communication

  • Understanding and recognising how the 3 behaviours are relayed through body language and voice
  • Identifying your non-assertive body language and non-assertive voice
  • Identifying the changes you need to make to your body language and voice to become more assertive

   Module 4: Communicating Assertively

  • Identifying and avoiding the Weak Language you use
  • Identifying how to implement Powerful Language to get your message across assertively
  • Identifying your negative inner-dialogue and replacing it with positive inner-dialogue

   Module 5: Counteracting Aggressive Behaviour & Saying ‘No’

  • Understanding how to apply non-verbal and verbal communication to counteract aggressive behaviour
  • Exploring and practising the techniques that suit you best when re-acting to aggressive behaviour
  • Understanding how to ‘say no’ in challenging situations

   Module 6: Building Confidence

  • Understanding and defining confidence
  • Establishing whether you are low or high in self-confidence
  • Defining the 2 pillars of confidence and how to define and implement them in your life to become more confident

   Module 7: Challenging Self-Limiting Beliefs to Become More Confident

  • Understanding what self-limiting beliefs are and how they prevent you from achieving your potential
  • Defining the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Implementing and practising techniques to challenge and overcome your self-limiting beliefs

   Module 8: Building Resilience

  • Understanding what is resilience and its importance to your mental and physical health
  • Understanding and exploring resilience techniques
  • Defining situations where you haven’t been resilient previously and applying the techniques to become more resilient

   Project a more positive and confident self-image

   Become more resilient

   Build and increase self-confidence

   Use confident, assertive verbal and non-verbal language

   Challenge and manage your negative inner-dialogue

   I would like to become more assertive. How will this course help me?
Throughout this online course, we look at the typical challenges that prevent people from being assertive. You will not only learn techniques to become more assertive and confident but you will be given clear direction on how to practise them too.

   How will the training be conducted?
The training will be conducted through the use of instructional videos, learner guides with practical exercises, video transcripts and case studies.

   Will I be able to put into practise what I learn on this online course?
Yes, you will learn practical techniques, phrases and tips on how to implement assertive body language and how to use your voice assertively that you can put in place immediately. You will be also provided with information throughout the modules on how to practise assertiveness and increase your confidence on an on-going basis.