These 1 – 2 day training programmes are ideal for leaders who want to focus on key areas of their development.


Coaching Skills for Leaders/Managers – 2 days


Coaching is one of the core skills identified by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) for Leaders. Learning to coach will empower and instil confidence in your team members.

   Module 1: The Role of the Leader when Coaching

  • Background to Coaching
  • Differentiating ‘coaching’ from ‘mentoring’
  • Benefits to Coaching to the individual and the organisation

   Module 2: Coaching Skills

  • Knowing what types of questions to ask to make your team think of their own solutions
  • Identifying individual motivation strategies and tailoring individual coaching sessions
  • Applying more effective listening
  • Understanding how to build trust and rapport
  • Understanding the importance of non-verbal communication

   Module 3: The Coaching Process & Methodologies

  • Creating and applying a ‘Coaching Contract’
  • Applying the GROW  model in the workplace
  • Overcoming barriers to coaching
  • Instilling a coaching ethos in the workplace

   Module 4: Tools & Techniques for Coaching

  • Improving performance through advanced communication approaches
  • Assisting your team members in implementing practical and results focused, personal action plans
  • Inspiring team members to drive performance towards exemplary results

   Action & Development Plan

  • Leadership Road Map & Action Plan

Facilitating Effective Meetings/Conference Calls for Leaders – 1 day


As work can be fast paced it’s essential to ensure you can effectively facilitate meetings so you don’t overrun or / and you achieve your goals and objectives. This course is ideal for new or in-experienced people who need to facilitate meetings or / and conference calls.

   Module 1: Role of the Facilitator

  • Identifying the role and functions of an effective Facilitator
  • Benefits of effective facilitation

   Module 2: Essential Skills of the Facilitator

  • Facilitating questions & answers
  • Understanding different communication styles and how to adapt your communication style to suit all styles
  • Validating, valuing and giving feedback

   Module 3: Managing the Group

  • Setting the scene for successful facilitation
  • Diplomatically manage challenging behaviours
  • Revitalising the group

   Module 4: Tips & Techniques for Successful Facilitation

  • Mastering the facilitation process
  • Applying best practise to conference/video calls
  • Evaluating meeting outcomes & effectiveness
  • Role play mock meeting/conference call

   Action & Development Plan

  • Leadership Road Map & Action Plan