Short on time but still need to increase your capabilities in some core areas, then our 4 Hour Leadership Mini Workshops are ideal for you.

Our Leadership mini workshops are immersive, highly interactive & practical workshops which are guaranteed to increase your skill set quickly and effectively.

Laura Fitzsimons

Facilitating Effective Meetings/Conference Calls for Leaders


Facilitating meetings effectively is essential to any Product Managers, Project Manager and Leaders skill set.

   Identifying the key skills, role and functions of an effective Facilitator

   Facilitating questions & answers

   Facilitating and diplomatically manage challenging behaviours

   Applying best practise to conference/video calls

   Role play mock meeting/conference call

   Review, feedback and identification of key learning from activity

   Leadership Road Map & Action Plan

Coaching Skills for Leaders


Coaching is one of the core skills identified by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) for Leaders. Learning to coach will empower and instil confidence in your team members.

   Benefits of coaching to the individual and the organisation

   Understanding and applying the GROW (Goal, Reality, Options and Way Forward) model

   Questioning techniques & sample Coaching questions

   Effective non-verbal communication

   Creating and maintaining rapport & trust

   Role play mock meeting/conference call

   Review, feedback and identification of key learning from activity

   Leadership Road Map & Action Plan

Giving Effective Feedback for Leaders


Being able to give feedback is an essential skill of any Leader / Manager. This course is for Leaders / Managers who would like a clear structure to follow in order to get the best from the person receiving the feedback.

   Purpose and benefits of providing feedback effectively

   Do’s and don’ts of giving feedback

   Importance of using assertive, non-verbal communication when giving feedback

   Explanation of CEDAR (Context, Examples, Discuss, Actions and Review) model © Anna Wildman 2003

   How to use the CEDAR model to provide feedback on a person’s negatively impacting behaviour

   Role play mock meeting/conference call

   Role-plays using CEDAR model & debrief

   Leadership Road Map & Action Plan

Collaborative Leadership


This course is suitable for Leaders / Managers who want to move from the old autocratic style of Leadership and to Collaborative Leadership to get the best from their people.

   Introduction to Collaborative Leadership

   Benefits of Collaborative Leadership

   Characteristics & behaviours of the Emotionally Intelligent Collaborative Leader

   Building and leading high performing teams through Collaborative Leadership

   Leadership Road Map & Action Plan

Communication Skills for Leaders


Everyone can communicate but not everyone can communicate effectively. This course is ideal for Leaders or Managers who want to ensure they achieve what they set out to achieve when communicating. The course also covers how to ensure there is clarity in your message so it’s not open to interpretation.

   Profiling your participant to ensure you meet their needs & wants

   Knowing your communication style and how to adapt to the communication style of others

   Scoping out your objective to ensure you achieve what you set out to achieve

   How to use effective phrasing to gain clarity in your communication

   Knowing how to use your voice effectively to get your message across in an assertive manner

   Leadership Road Map & Action Plan