This Academy or suite of modules will boost your leadership capabilities to ensure you get the best from your teams.

The Academy is 4 days in duration and held over 4 – 6 weeks, with 2 days running consecutively and a break of 2 – 3 weeks in between Days 2 and 3 so you have time to practise the skills learnt.

Content can be customised to meet your needs.

   Module 1: Psychology of Leadership & Teams

  • Emotional Intelligence and the positive impact it plays in Leadership
  • Characteristics of the Emotionally Intelligent Leader
  • Understanding how your mind-set influences your interactions and actions
  • Applying a Collaborative Leadership Style to drive high performance

   Module 2: Essential Leadership Skills

  • Understanding the Skill/Will Quadrant and when & how to use the correct Leadership Style
  • Leading teams through change by managing the emotions of people – understanding the Change Curve and managing negativity
  • Conflict Resolution:
    • Understanding Thomas Kilmann Modes of Conflict
    • Recognise the sources of conflict
    • Managing conflict in 5 Steps

   Module 3: Performance Management

  • Managing challenging performance issues
  • Using Coaching Skills to get the best from teams
  • Understanding what motivates teams & how to successfully motivate them to achieve their own and the organisation’s goals

   Module 4: Communication Skills

  • Understanding the Communication process and the barriers to communicating
  • Scoping out your message to ensure you achieve your objective
  • Exploring the impact of verbal and non-verbal communication

   Module 5: Leadership Personal Effectiveness Skills

  • Defining and managing priorities
  • Managing ‘Time Thieves’
  • Developing and promoting your Personal Brand

   Action & Development Plan

  • Leadership Road Map & Action Plan