This Academy or suite of modules will boost your leadership capabilities to ensure you get the best from your teams.

The Academy is 4 days in duration and held over 4 – 6 weeks, with 2 days running consecutively and a break of 2 – 3 weeks in between Days 2 and 3 so you have time to practise the skills learnt.

Content can be customised to meet your needs.

   Module 1: Psychology of Leadership & Teams

  • Emotional Intelligence and the positive impact it plays in Leadership
  • Characteristics of the Emotionally Intelligent Leader
  • Understanding how your mind-set influences your interactions and actions
  • Applying a Collaborative Leadership Style to drive high performance

   Module 2: Essential Leadership Skills

  • Understanding the Skill/Will Quadrant and when & how to use the correct Leadership Style
  • Leading teams through change by managing the emotions of people – understanding the Change Curve and managing negativity
  • Conflict Resolution:
    • Understanding Thomas Kilmann Modes of Conflict
    • Recognise the sources of conflict
    • Managing conflict in 5 Steps

   Module 3: Performance Management

  • Managing challenging performance issues
  • Using Coaching Skills to get the best from teams
  • Understanding what motivates teams & how to successfully motivate them to achieve their own and the organisation’s goals

   Module 4: Communication Skills

  • Understanding the Communication process and the barriers to communicating
  • Scoping out your message to ensure you achieve your objective
  • Exploring the impact of verbal and non-verbal communication

   Module 5: Leadership Personal Effectiveness Skills

  • Defining and managing priorities
  • Managing ‘Time Thieves’
  • Developing and promoting your Personal Brand

   Action & Development Plan

  • Leadership Road Map & Action Plan

   Know what characteristics are essential to be an Emotional Intelligent Leader

   Know how to be a Collaborative Style Leader

   Know how to manage challenging performance

   Know how to coach to empower solutions

   Know how your behaviour impacts the behaviour of others

   Know what leadership style to use on each team member based on their Skill set & Willingness

   Know how to recognise & manage the behaviours of people as they move through the Change Curve

   Know how to develop and promote your Personal Brand

   Know how to prioritise tasks & manage Time Thieves

   Know what motivates your team to perform to their highest capability

   I’ve been leading people for awhile. How will this benefit me?
This course will cover some fundamentals of leadership as a refresher however, it will cover the essentials skills a leader needs in order to lead people through change, manage conflict, to be self-aware as well as how to communicate with clarity.

   Will I learn methodologies to apply back in work on this course?
Yes, you will learn several leadership methodologies, tips and techniques on leading people as well as practical steps to put in place to make you a better leader.

   How is the course run?
All SkillWorks courses are highly interactive and highly participative. Modules are run in a workshop format with opportunities to question, discuss, record and practise new skills.

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