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How to Lead Yourself Effectively without Effort

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You are probably familiar with the term ‘getting into your flow’ but maybe you are challenged as to what it means, what benefits it brings and how you can achieve it. I’m a great believer in Positive Psychology which simply means applying psychology to improve our lives as opposed to using psychology to address and…
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Are Limiting Beliefs Limiting your Leadership Mindset

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Everyone ‘suffers’ from self-limiting beliefs but what are they and how can they prevent us from achieving our dreams and goals? Self-limiting beliefs are limitations, whether conscious or unconscious that we believe in. They can restrict us from doing what we really want to do. They colour our perception and determine our actions or in…
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Great Questioning Skills Make Great Leaders

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When studying for my Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching over 11 years ago, I really learnt some valuable questioning skills.  Everyone has the ability to ask questions I hear you say but are you asking questions in the right way?  Do the responses you receive when asking a question give you enough information so…
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How to be a Collaborative Leader

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Collaborative Leadership and the benefits it brings is something you may have heard being bounced about in the workplace.  But what exactly is Collaborative Leadership and how can you become a Collaborative Leader? Collaborative Leadership is a management practice that draws on the Leadership Skills across different business functions and organisational boundaries.  It draws on…
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8 ways for a Leader to Successfully Implement Change

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In today’s world, Change is and always will be a constant.  Change is also something every Leader has to deal with no matter what area of business they work in.  Selling and implementing Change is a key Leadership skill but how can Leaders sell and implement Change successfully?  I’ve collated 8 approaches below to help…
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How to Assess and Refocus your Leadership Mindset

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One of life’s biggest challenges is being able to control how our emotions and feelings affect out moods and our behaviours.  Great Leaders have the ability to do this – that’s partly what makes them great Leaders. I previously blogged, in November of last year, about how our attitude, negative or positive can impact our…
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4 Tips to Get Ahead in your Leadership Career

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We like to feel comfortable in what we do so therefore, we don’t always look to making changes or disrupting this feeling of being comfortable.  We like being in our comfort zone as it’s non-threatening, non-scary and well, comfortable.   I like to push myself and participants on my courses out of their comfort zones.  If…