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Are Limiting Beliefs Limiting your Leadership Mindset

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Everyone ‘suffers’ from self-limiting beliefs but what are they and how can they prevent us from achieving our dreams and goals? Self-limiting beliefs are limitations, whether conscious or unconscious that we believe in. They can restrict us from doing what we really want to do. They colour our perception and determine our actions or in…
Ongoing learning

How Ongoing Learning Can Create your Dream

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Almost 15 years ago I took a redundancy package from a large, corporate telecoms company as a Tech Desktop Services Manager.  To say leaving a job that provided a pension scheme, health insurance, a bonus and a company car was not only scary but frightening.   On top of figuring out what I wanted in life…

How to positively impact peoples’ behaviour in 1 easy step

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Several years ago, when working on my Coaching qualification, I remember one of the trainer’s relaying a story of an old man, leaning against a stone wall in the West of Ireland minding his business when a bus pulled up beside him. Out stepped a young man who said to the old man ‘what are…

Praise before it’s due

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One of the most challenging things to do as a Leader can be to praise your staff when they are doing a good job.  How often do we just see the negative action an employee takes and just ‘gloss over’ what they do right?  A little praise goes a long way and when it’s given…

Building Confidence Exercise

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In last month’s blog, we looked at how to manage nerves when they kick-in when you are presenting or speaking in public.  This month’s blog will give you some tips on how to build your confidence when presenting or speaking in public. One method I use to control my nerves whether it’s prior to giving…