Why Leaders Should Ask More and Tell Less

Communication, Leadership
One of the biggest challenges I see from some Leader / Managers when giving feedback is that they prescribe solutions that will work for them. These prescribed solutions can come in the form of ‘telling’ the person what they should do to address a performance issue, solve a problem or how to write a report…
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reap what you sow

You Reap What you Sow

Communication, Motivation
Recently I caught up with an old friend over coffee and what I mean by old friend is that we’ve been friends for over 40 decades. Over the past 5 months or so, she has taken to walking several kilometres every day to improve her fitness and health.  She said that now that she has…
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person leaping over cliffs

How to Lead Yourself Effectively without Effort

Leadership, Motivation
You are probably familiar with the term ‘getting into your flow’ but maybe you are challenged as to what it means, what benefits it brings and how you can achieve it. I’m a great believer in Positive Psychology which simply means applying psychology to improve our lives as opposed to using psychology to address and…
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woman smiling holding happy balloon

Being Grateful can Make you a Happier Leader

Leadership, Motivation
Several years ago when I was studying for my Diploma in Business and Personal Coaching, I came across the practise of how calling out all the things you are grateful for can enhance your happiness.  I myself, up to this point would always look at the things I didn’t have and this had a negative…
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