Being Grateful can Make you a Happier Leader

Several years ago when I was studying for my Diploma in Business and Personal Coaching, I came across the practise of how calling out all the things you are grateful for can enhance your happiness.  I myself, up to this point would always look at the things I didn’t have and this had a negative effect on my mindset.   I really couldn’t grasp how being grateful for things could change my perspective and make me feel happier and positive.

The exercise that was given to us by one of the Trainer’s of the programme was to record 10 things that we were grateful for.  Well I started off with things like, my health, my sense of humour, my children but then I quickly started to think of all the things I didn’t have – a house of my own, rather than a rental, support and care for my children other that what I could afford to pay for …..  I was so conditioned to looking at the things that were absent from my life that I honestly could not see the things I should be grateful for like when my daughter, then 5 yrs of age, got her class to sing me Happy Birthday, ‘as Gaeilge’ on my birthday.  The more I started to pick out things that I should be grateful for, the more my happiness and positivity increased.

Here are a few ways that you can bring gratitude into the workplace:

1.  Look for the good things a Team Member does:

  • They help out their team mates when they are under pressure
  • They stay back to get work done without being asked
  • They come in early to help out on a project
  • They stay upbeat, even under pressure

2.  Call out and broadcast the positive things in your workplace:

  • A nice canteen with great coffee
  • Cheerful meeting rooms
  • Short Friday working hours ….

3.  Start your Team’s day with getting them to call out what they are grateful for in the workplace:

  • They are seated next to a window, the A/C …
  • They are seated next to a friend
  • Lunch time is flexible so they can get errands done when it suits their schedule

The list is endless as are the benefits gained from recognising that there is a lot to be grateful for.

By applying the above, you will not only become a happier Leader but those around you will also benefit from you calling out what you are grateful for and also encouraging them to do the same.

Until next month.