4 Tips to Stay Motivated when Feeling De-energised


We all experience times when we don’t necessarily feel motivated to work on pursuing our goals or our everyday tasks.  I know from my own experience that I’m more motivated when I’m busy delivering training so sometimes when I have a lot of quiet time in my office working on admin, I tend to de-energise and become demotivated.  I do know that a lot of this demotivation is down to my psychometric make-up as I’m very clear preference Extroverted so in order to feel motivated and buzzed, I like to be engaged in interaction and activities with people.

In addition to understanding your psychometric make-up, I believe we all need some tools in our tool box to help us kick-start our motivation so I’ve outlined below 4 quick ways to help you get your buzz back.

1.  Review previous successes

Take a look back at your achievements for the past month, 2 months, 3 months or year and make a note of them.  Sometimes when we get in a rut, we’re inclined not to see how far we have come, so looking back on what you have achieved is a great way to propel yourself forward to achieving more.

2. Seek out positive people

Yep, it works.  Think about a time when you spoke with someone or in fact heard someone speaking that really inspired and motivated you.  How did you feel afterwards?  Did you feel energised and invigorated?  Absolutely, so whether it’s a friend with a positive mindset or an esteemed speaker, get connected to them and avail of their energy and inspiration. This in turn will make you feel fantastically motivated. I often pick up the phone and call one of my fellow trainers and have a good ole natter.  Not only do I become more energised by this interaction, I also can share and discuss different training practises and knowledge – a win/win for both of us.

3. Find your buzz

Okay this one might sound strange, however what it means is to search for what gives you energy and gives you that ‘get up and go’ feeling.  Mine is singing!  Yep, I stick on a backing track on my laptop and off I go.  Sometimes I feel half-hearted starting off but invariably I start to pick up momentum and I’m belting out ‘Feeling Good’ (Michael Buble’s version of Nina Simone’s song).  How do I feel during and after?  Buzzed!!  So, think about what it is that gives you your buzz.  It might be chatting to a friend, it may be reading a book or it might just simply be relaxing.  When you find your buzz, record how you feel afterwards in a hard-backed book or journal so you can read it back when you are feeling unmotivated.  This way, you’ll be motivated to get your buzz!

4. Move location

I don’t mean move house or office, what I mean is to physically move from where you are sitting.  My current home office is a cosy wooden structure at the end of my garden.  I can listen out for the birds and my windchime on the fence close by – both of which can help relax. Sometimes, I move my laptop into the kitchen just for a change of scenery.  When I do this, it makes me look at my work from a different perspective as I have my kettle at hand and our dogs snoozing at my feet. I can still hear the birds and windchimes as I get dug into my work.  By moving my physical location, I adjust my mindset so I’m better able to appreciate the value and enormous benefits of working from home. This mindset is definitely more positive and energised and I manage to get a ton of work done in a short space of time.  I even have time to stop and enjoy that much needed cuppa.

So I challenge you to try one, if not all, of the above and see how motivated and re-energised you become.