How Ongoing Learning Can Create your Dream

Almost 15 years ago I took a redundancy package from a large, corporate telecoms company as a Tech Desktop Services Manager.  To say leaving a job that provided a pension scheme, health insurance, a bonus and a company car was not only scary but frightening.   On top of figuring out what I wanted in life and how to pay the bills, I had 3 young children to support and was coming to the end of my marriage.

Thankfully, my ex-employer provided a coaching service to people that were leaving the company and that’s where I discovered that I’d not only enjoyed training people but was good at it.  So, I set about getting my training qualification and met an extraordinary trainer that used ‘Coaching Questions’ in his training programmes. He enthused me so much in this area that I went on to gain a qualification in Personal and Business Coaching.

As I built my business, I pursued and gained more clients – one being a substantial one that I’m still with today and whom I have learnt a tremendous amount from their ways of working and the knowledge happily shared by their panel of trainers.

Since then I’ve added to my qualifications as I not only genuinely love learning but I enjoy the insight, foresight and knowledge learning has brought me.  As a result of this quest for knowledge, I now have several qualifications that add to my bottom line.

In addition to the more formal qualifications, I sought a more artistic route of learning.  As I had trained as a Mezzo Soprano in my teens with the Dublin School of Music I felt I wanted to add to my repertoire, per say so over the last 15 years I trained as an Actor, TV Presenter, Radio Presenter and Voice Over Artist.  I presented my own radio show, ‘The Learning Show’ on a local radio station and I regularly sing at corporate events. I have also ‘starred’ in a few short movies, both in a supporting role and in a lead role.  Nothing to get the academy dress and hair curlers out for but enough to know that I’m capable in this space.

Where would I be now by choice?  Well, I can honestly say that I use all of my education, training and knowledge on every job I do so I feel I’m where I need to be.  Mind you, if a major TV Production Company were to call on my skills, to play the part of a woman with a strong accent (accents being my speciality) you may well see me running off into the sun ‘set’.

So, my love for learning and quest for knowledge has brought me on a journey that has helped me create my dream without even realising it.

I’d love to hear your feedback and stories of how your learning and quest for knowledge has enhanced your life.

Until next time,